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How can I improve my IQ?

As we seen before, our IQ does change with our age. Besides, we can improve our IQ by adopting a number of practices and bringing changes in our behavior.

Here's some concrete ways to improve your IQ:

Physical exercising

Working out doesn't just improve you physically but mentally as well. According to an article published in the “Issue of comprehensive physiology” ("The Influence of Exercise on Cognitive Abilities"  by Fernando Gomez-Pinilla in 2013), working out can have positive effects on the brain.

The components that enhance the functional regions of our brain improve and make us more cognitive capable. Simple exercises such as running, cycling, doing yoga can help improve IQ.

Mind games and puzzles

There are certain games that aid in improving the IQ of a person. Now, this activity doesn't directly increase the IQ but a few abilities such as working memory and processing speed.

This is because getting involved in brain games works on certain parts of the brain and exercises them to produce more output.

Read and play a musical instrument

Reading and playing an instrument is associated with improving cognitive abilities as per many researches .

This is because playing an instrument is a difficult activity and involves sensory and motor multi-tasking. Hence, a person learning to play an instrument is actually exercising their motor and sensory regions. Similarly, reading also helps improve the brain as we begin to grasp and remember more.

To sum it up, intelligence is hereditary to an extent but we can all improve our IQ levels by working hard and learning new things.