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What are the 9 types of intelligence?

Intelligence is defined as the ability to perceive knowledge and skills and apply it in the real world. However, intelligence is a broad term and is associated with many factors. Read more

How can I improve my IQ?

As we seen before, our IQ does change with our age. Besides, we can improve our IQ by adopting a number of practices and bringing changes in our behavior. Read more

What are the categories measured by IQ tests?

Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist, broken down intelligence into 9 categories in a book called Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. However, IQ tests typically measure general intelligence in only one to four basic categories of ability: Read more

What are the different types of IQ tests?

There are many types of IQ tests being taken around the globe with a mutual aim, to measure the intelligence of a person. While they all aim to measure the same thing, the methods differ. Let’s get to know more about these tests in detail: Read more

Does your IQ change with your age?

Some people believe that IQ decreases after 20 years of age while some say that it increases after 20. Who should we trust? In fact, both of the scenarios are right. Read more

How to interprete an IQ score?

The following list breaks down the generally-accepted labels associated with IQ scores for the society. However, is important to recall that these tests are only one measure of intelligence and shouldn't be used as an all-encompassing personal label. Read more

Is intelligence hereditary?

The opinion on intelligence being hereditary seems to be divided. Some believe it to be true while some do not. Read more

Is IQ the same as intelligence?

Around me, a lot of people confuse IQ with intelligence and vice versa. The truth is that they are quite different from each other. I'd say that if IQ and intelligence were to be defined in single words, they'd fit well for 'quantity' and 'quality'. Read more

What are the Raven's Progressive Matrices?

Mainly used in educational settings, this IQ test was developed in 1936 by John C. Raven. It is concerned with assessing cognitive abilities of an individual and is a non-verbal test usually taken in groups. Read more

What is the Stanford-Binet test?

The Stanford-Binet test is the first ever IQ test. This IQ test involves measuring the intelligence of a person based on 5 factors: Read more

What is the WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale)?

This IQ test was designed by David Wechsler in 1955 who thought that the Stanford-Binet IQ test had limitations to measure intelligence. Read more

What does IQ actually test?

The purpose of an IQ test is to measure the mental abilities of an individual. Those with a high IQ scores are considered to be smarter than the average. These scores can also be used to compare two or more people on intelligence. Read more

What is an IQ test?

An IQ test is a test conducted to determine the mental abilities of an individual. This test consists of several more or less complex questions that need to be solved within a specified time period. The result is given out in the form of a score. Higher the score, higher the intelligence and vice versa. Read more

What is IQ?

The Intelligence Quotient, more commonly known as an IQ, is a number associated with a person’s perceived cognitive abilities as compared to the general population. Read more

What was the first IQ test?

The first IQ test was conducted way back in 1904. French government officials requested Alfred Binet, a french psychologist, to help them find out the students that struggled in school so that they could be helped. Read more

Woodcock–Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJ IV)

Designed by Richard Woodcock and Mary E. Bonner Johnson, these tests are meant to be for people of all age groups, including children as young as two years. Read more